How to Choose a House Painter

07 Nov

Few home improvements can be as zestful as a fresh layer of paint. A paint job can give your home an instant but dramatic facelift. Of course, if you want the best results, you shouldn't hesitate hiring a professional. Painting may seem all so simple, but you may be surprised. If your home was constructed earlier than 1978, it's likely covered in lead-based paint, which an expert can take care of.

When hiring a professional house painter, here are some tips to look into:

Written Estimate

Ask your prospective painter for an estimate of the paint job you need. Obviously, he has to visit your home while you walk him through your expectations. Be very specific about the color or colors you want, even showing paint samples if you have any. If you need help choosing, ask the painter.

License and Insurance


The moment you've found some prospects, ask each one if they have a license (if this applies to your state) and insurance. A license does not guarantee a successful project, but it does raise your chances of having one. Of course, insurance frees you from liability, in case somebody hurts themselves on the job.

Previous Jobs and Client References

When you research painters on the Internet at, you may find several pictures of projects they've completed. Don't trust these images completely however. Instead, ask the painter to show you at least two jobs that are similar to yours, which they did three years ago or earlier. It's important to see how the materials and colors used held over time.

Checking references is an essential part on finding a good house painter. You'll want to know how competent and professional your prospect is based on the experiences of his past clients. If a painter doesn't want to provide references,  that's a sure sign you have to look elsewhere. Don't forget to check out online reviews too, especially if the painter was not personally recommended to you.


The contract you have with a house painter should to be very detailed. All the crucial information must be there, such as when the work will start, the estimated completion time, the materials to be used and their individual costs and the payment schedule. Even the paint manufacturer's name,  color, grade, etc. should be mentioned, along with where the paints will be applied and how many coats should be applied. The Fort Collins Residential Painting contract will have to specify the application of a primer too. Lastly, it should be stated in the document that the painter is responsible for cleaning up.

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